Steve takes the long view. A father and former lineman, he knows just how hard rural parents work to give their kids a future. And how often that future drives young adults far from home for better opportunities.


With realistic school board budgets to help kids excel, public works that support the everyday needs of working families, and an economic agenda that brings the jobs of the future to our area, Steve has a vision of Warren County where we all can thrive together.


Read Steve’s plans to improve rural life in the Fork District and throughout Warren County.

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Seek increased communication with the schools to enhance community knowledge of its programs and the school system’s continuing efforts to improve student achievement.

Explore possibilities that prepare students for a broader knowledge of world conditions and options for careers.

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Support broadband expansion to provide greater telework, telemedicine, and educational access for students and enhanced entertainment options for all.

Investigate solar power opportunities as a better economic choice and a more sustainable energy source.

Explore the creation of a Park’n’Ride for Fork citizens who must commute toward Northern Virginia to maintain their careers.

Support road improvements by applications for grants and revenue sharing opportunities.

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Develop tourism, and its management, to increase county revenue. Tourism income helps keep taxes lower. Explore the Rails to Trails project as one option.

Support the EDA successes as these occur. Seek opportunities for the local workforce to gain high paying careers within the county.

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Public Safety

Support efforts by the Sheriff's Department to promote public safety through community policing.